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ANNOUNCEMENT: (NXTSCO) SCOTCOIN - March/April 2015 - Market Update

nxt2* 50M NXTSCO reserved in initial 14 day period by 30+ Subscribers

* NXTSCO ‘Buy Wall’ has been reduced from 0.10 to 0.05 NXT, for entire 500M offering

* Dividend payment has increased from 300M to 400M Scotcoin (or 0.08 NXT per share)

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FoldingCoin Delivers 968,750 FREE (XCPSCO)Scotcoin to 216 Participants

1 April 2015 – FoldingCoin Inc. is proud to announce that the second SCOTCOIN distribution of 968,750 Scotcoins has been successfully distributed to 216 Merged Folding participants – Details at their site…



Bitcoin Rush Episode 39 featuring The Scotcoin Project

13 March 2015 –  WorldCryptoNetwork