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Download either Windows, Mac, Linux or Android Scotcoin Wallet Software

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For MAC USERS – D’load latest Scotcoin.conf file (Right Click & Save As)

  1. Start The Software
  2. This will open the wallet but at this stage you may receive a message stating “Block source unavailable” This means the wallet can not connect to the network and receive coins.
  3. Close the wallet 
  4. Get the scotcoin.conf file 
  5. Goto Finder
  6. Press Cmd + Shift + G
  7. Paste the following – /users//Library/Application Support/Scotcoin/
  8. Add scotcoin.conf file – drag and drop to this folder
  9. Once you have copied it into the correct location per above simply open the wallet again and it should start syncing within a few minutes
  10. The block source should begin downloading and your done!!


If you don’t connect initially (‘No Block Source Available’ Message), download the latest scotcoin.conf file 

  1. Close your Scotcoin wallet 
  2. Open up the folder where you installed Scotcoin.
  3. Get the latest scotcoin.conf file (above)  - Right Click – Save As
  4. Open up My Computer / Windows File Explorer. 
  5. In the address bar type in the following: %appdata%\scotcoin
  6. Hit enter and paste in the scotcoin.conf file
  7. Open up your Scotcoin wallet and it should start syncing within a few minutes