Scotcoin debuts trading for Bitcoin/SCOT on leading altcoin exchange


Historic Glasgow bar to begin accepting Scotcoin starting St Andrew's Day!


Launching on St. Andrew’s day (30th November 2015) The Arlington Bar, Glasgow will become the first business in Scotland to accept Scotcoin, as a means of payment, for its Stone of Destiny lager. 


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Covered in the Herald Scotland

Our Goal: To Create a Self-Sustaining Economy that is Truly Decentralized.


scot100Established in August 2013 with go-live on it’s own native blockchain in February 2014, Scotcoin is one of the first & most successful – ‘country related’ alt crypto-currencies launched to date.

Scotcoin achieved good adoption in 2014 and is currently growing ‘organically’, with several major announcements coming in 2015.

In December 2014, the decision was taken to migrate Scotcoin to the new Bitcoin 2.0 decentralized solution  – Counterparty.  

Following the successful migration to Counterparty, Scotcoin now utilizes the power of the Bitcoin blockchain for all necessary security requirements & to process transaction confirmations, enabling Scotcoin to be successfully rolled out to thousands of people in Scotland & throughout the world.

Scotcoin has it’s origins within Scotland and is extremely proud of this, but, Scotcoin is not limited just to Scotland.  It is envisaged that Scotcoin will be used by many people all across the world for transferring wealth, products & services, within this new fully decentralized self-sustaining economy.

The total size of the Scotcoin economy can only ever be 1 Billion Scotcoin (this is locked into the blockchain).  Therefore, the Scotcoin economy cannot hyper-inflate like existing fiat monetary systems and as Scotcoins become scarcer, their overall value, will increase.

Scotcoin compatible digital wallets are now available for all web browsers, especially Chrome, as well as a Mobile wallet for iOS & Android, which allows Scotcoin to be truly mobile for its users.

Many developments are coming soon for the Scotcoin ecosystem, please check back here for more info & subscribe to our newsletter.

The easiest way to get some Scotcoin is to setup a Scotcoin compatible wallet, then goto our Vending Machine, where you can swap Bitcoin directly for Scotcoin.


Scotcoin™ Coinvend- 1M Scotcoin Available at 0.05 BTC per 10K

1M Scotcoin available to the Coinvend for sale at 0.05 BTC per 10K Scotcoin


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NEWS: UK Private Consortium Acquires Majority Stake in Scotcoin


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Thursday, 22nd October 2015


UK Private Consortium Acquires Majority Stake in Scotcoin


It was announced today, that a private consortium of individuals and businesses have acquired a majority stake-holding in one of the leading country related cryptocurrencies, Scotcoin.

It is confirmed, that the group have secured circa 50% of the total Scotcoin economy, which is set to a fixed supply of 1 billion Scotcoin.

Derek Nisbet, the founder of Scotcoin said, “We are extremely pleased to have engaged with such a talented and experienced group of investors that have laid out an incredible vision, for where they want to take Scotcoin over the next months and years.   

This is exactly the right time to engage, and we do look forward to Scotcoin growing via adoption and usage thanks to the input, connections and new opportunities this group will bring to the Scotcoin ecosystem”.

Details are not immediately available of the investors, although this information will be announced later this year.



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