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ANNOUNCEMENT: (NXTSCO) SCOTCOIN - March/April 2015 - Market Update

nxt2* 50M NXTSCO reserved in initial 14 day period by 30+ Subscribers

* NXTSCO ‘Buy Wall’ has been reduced from 0.10 to 0.05 NXT, for entire 500M offering

* Dividend payment has increased from 300M to 400M Scotcoin (or 0.08 NXT per share)

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Symbiont Bridges Bitcoin & Ripple with Counterparty (Scotcoin) Asset Gateway

adamThis is MASSIVE news for SCOTCOIN as RIPPLE is a serious player in the new financial landscape – Now (XCP) SCOTCOIN 2.0 ALSO EXISTS HERE!

1 April 2015 | has bridged the gap between Bitcoin and Ripple by introducing a Ripple gateway for Counterparty., a fintech company looking to build the first issuance and trading platform for self-executing digital contracts that are stored on a blockchain, has announced its first product: a Ripple Gateway for Counterparty, over which XCP, Counterparty’s native currency or any other Counterparty asset (SCOTCOIN) may be sent.

Counterparty is a free and open financial platform built on the Bitcoin blockchain, which enables the creation of custom user tokens and smart contracts. With the Ripple Gateway implementation, Counterparty users will now be able to transfer their funds in real-time with minimal transaction fees.

Adam Krellenstein, CTO of Symbiont and co-founder of Counterparty stated:


FoldingCoin Delivers 968,750 FREE (XCPSCO)Scotcoin to 216 Participants

1 April 2015 – FoldingCoin Inc. is proud to announce that the second SCOTCOIN distribution of 968,750 Scotcoins has been successfully distributed to 216 Merged Folding participants – Details at their site…



ANNOUNCING:- The Scotcoin Foundation: Building Cryptocurrency in Scotland


Today, it was announced, the formation of The Scotcoin Foundation.

TSF has been created by a group of Scotcoin holders who have come together to build a solid foundation for the now established community cryptocurrency, Scotcoin.

The initial focus will be with the Scottish people & businesses encouraging adoption and use, as an alternate medium of exchange or barter.

 The longer term view will encourage foreign interest via online solutions, digital tourism opportunities and other exciting, innovative new activities.


Upgrades to our Native XCPSCO Scotcoin Trading Platform

20 March 2015 – The Melotic team have made some great improvements to the XCPSCO Trading Front-end at ScotcoinX – Check it out and start trading XCPSCOTCOIN to Bitcoin here …


Bitcoin Rush Episode 39 featuring The Scotcoin Project

13 March 2015 –  WorldCryptoNetwork

Scotcoin to Debut Trading on Bitcoin 2.0 Platform - 13 March 2015


ANNOUNCEMENT – SCOTCOIN, one of the original community based cryptocurrency solutions, will list as a tradable asset, on the innovative new Bitcoin 2.0 platform, at 10AM CET (Central European Time) on Friday 13th March 2015.

Launched, 1st March 2014, on its own native blockchain technology & following the subsequent migration to Counterparty’s platform in December 2014, this next step in Scotcoin’s growth, will be an industry first, whereby a community based cryptocurrency, will further utilize the innovative, new offerings, provided by multiple Cryptocurrency 2.0 infrastructures.

Derek Nisbet, the Founder of Scotcoin, said:-

“Following on from the successful creation and adoption of Scotcoin via our own native technology & the subsequent rollout to thousand’s of Scottish people, hundreds of Scottish businesses and many other interested communities around the world, we were both extremely pleased with the first steps of our pilot program’s success, yet concerned about how we could take Scotcoin to the next level.