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Introducing ScotLocal - Building Scotcoin Communities in Scotland & beyond..

meetup-iconScotLocal is a new meetup group open to anyone that is interested in the newly launched Scottish based crypto currency – Scotcoin. 

It is hoped that we will create many events throughout Scotland in the future, therefore, we would like to invite possible organizers from areas all over Scotland to get in touch.

We want to add as many organizers to this group as possible, so it can grow and run itself in the future all over Scotland – if you would like to become an organizer for your area and create some wonderful Scotcoin related events, please get in touch.  Goto

Scotcoin Project Allocates 50 Million Scotcoins To ScotFund - A New Initiative aimed at increasing Scotcoin Adoption via Local Scottish Communities

fundScotFund has been established with one simple goal – To increase Scotcoin adoption via innovative ideas and concepts from the Scotcoin Community.

If you have an idea on how to engage with an audience that is relevant to you, i.e. a business, Student Campus, local community or any other type of gathering – please complete the form below with the concept  you have for rolling out Scotcoin.

The idea has to of course be realistic and we would need to establish quite an amount of trust to ensure that all which is described actually occurs, but do look forward to hearing from you soon with your ideas…

  • Please create a name for your project
  • Please describe in detail your ScotFund related concept, and how this will increase Scotcoin adoption

Download either Windows, Mac, Linux or Android Scotcoin Wallet Software

dl_windows …………..dl_macosx ……………dl_linux……………

For MAC USERS – D’load latest Scotcoin.conf file (Right Click & Save As)

  1. Start The Software
  2. This will open the wallet but at this stage you may receive a message stating “Block source unavailable” This means the wallet can not connect to the network and receive coins.
  3. Close the wallet 
  4. Get the scotcoin.conf file 
  5. Goto Finder
  6. Press Cmd + Shift + G
  7. Paste the following – /users//Library/Application Support/Scotcoin/
  8. Add scotcoin.conf file – drag and drop to this folder
  9. Once you have copied it into the correct location per above simply open the wallet again and it should start syncing within a few minutes
  10. The block source should begin downloading and your done!!


If you don’t connect initially (‘No Block Source Available’ Message), download the latest scotcoin.conf file 

  1. Close your Scotcoin wallet 
  2. Open up the folder where you installed Scotcoin.
  3. Get the latest scotcoin.conf file (above)  - Right Click – Save As
  4. Open up My Computer / Windows File Explorer. 
  5. In the address bar type in the following: %appdata%\scotcoin
  6. Hit enter and paste in the scotcoin.conf file
  7. Open up your Scotcoin wallet and it should start syncing within a few minutes

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The Scotcoin Anti-Fracking in Scotland Fund

It’s plain and simple, this HAS to be stopped.  This industry is sheer madness and it will destroy Scotland and its water table forever.

We have decided to set up a Scotcoin Anti-Fracking Fund to assist where we can in the future, with helping out those that are prepared to stand up and say NO to allowing this to go ahead.

We have donated 1,000,000 Scotcoins to start this and hope you will donate some of your Scotcoins to this too – as well as sharing this information to everyone you know.  Knowledge truly is power!  

The wallet address for donations is Se63gCqMXPbEsYQZy8W7BpRnC4eQNjW5ek and you can view the total amount via by simply entering the wallet address.  Enough is enough! 


Scotcoin For Business Flyer

The following poster is designed to encourage business-owners as individuals to register for the upcoming scotcoin drop. Both can be used in tandem (front and back) or on their own. They are A4 @ 300dpi – ready for printing. If we all print some off and hand them to potential candidates, we might be able to kick-start another dimension to the project. 

Front Download Link | Back Download Link


The Scotcoin PROJECT (not a business!) is a voluntary opt-in crypto-currency available to people, over 18 & located in Scotland.

Please do your own homework on the many dangers faced in the crypto world before making any decisions that you might regret, should any issues arise with this PROJECT in the future. Thank you.